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Istanbul, Turkey


About Beykoz University


Behind every achievement there is a story, and Beykoz University has one as well. This story started to be written with the foundation of TURLEV (Turkish Logistics Studies and Educational Foundation) in 2007 and continued with the establishment of a higher education institution as a result of our motivation of training qualified human resource.

Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics was brought into being by TURLEV in 2008. As the first “thematic vocational school” in Turkey, until 2016, Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics graduated 2.500 people, who had the logistical competency and we are proud of our graduates who takes part in various levels of the logistics sector, today.Henceforward, Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics will continue to educate new generations, who are expected to be the best in their fields, and preserve its thematic structure under the roof of Beykoz University at the same time.

Now our story goes forward with the establishment of “Beykoz University”. Beykoz University aims to produce well equipped graduates who will meet the requirements of business world and our country, who are capable of representing their country by being employed abroad as well. For sure, knowledge is going to be the most important power source in the future, just as it is now. As Beykoz University, our main aim is to focus on applied training which will help to orientate our students to initial vocational areas and encourage them to grow into creative, modern and critical individuals who can adapt easily to ever-changing global conditions.

We believe in the necessity of improving physical conditions in order to fulfil our aims as well. Our University already continues its activities in three different, modern buildings in Beykoz, which is one of the most beautiful and historical districts of Istanbul. We are going to complete our investments within the next three years and build a distinctive campus on a land of 80 acres in Beykoz. By 2019, we will have moved all departments and faculties of our university to this campus. Our campus was chosen among a wide range of architectural projects and when it is finished, it will embody all kinds of facilities that students might need, such as institutions, laboratories, social, cultural and sports areas, library and dormitories.

Mission, Vision & Core Values

We aim to become a centre of excellence in all our services and a centre of happiness, freedom, tolerance and success for our students and employees. In order to achieve these utmost goals, we have defined:

Our Mission as:

“To be a universal university that learns and contributes to learning and to society through learning.”

Our VISION as:

To build a higher education environment and culture that is integrated with its students, employees and stakeholders, has prestige in and outside of Turkey, and will enable to raise individuals who;

  • are qualified and competent in their professions ,

  • have improved research, problem-solving and practice skills,

  • are open to multidisciplinary approaches and able to design and implement original, aesthetic, creative and innovative practices,

  • appreciate learning and never give up on learning and ethical values during their lifetime,

  • think freely and do not abstain from expressing their thoughts,

  • are self-confident and efficient in communication,

  • perceive and exercise quality and excellence as a way of life,

  • respect human life, social and cultural values,

  • have a developed social responsibility awareness and take responsibility for a sustainable future.

Our Core Values and Principles

Beykoz University, in the center of all its institutional activities and services, pursue the core values and principles below;

  • Search and contribute to knowledge

  • Academic autonomy, freedom and responsibility

  • Being student, employee and stakeholder oriented

  • Participation and being open to share

  • Creativity, innovativeness and entrepreneurship

  • Respect towards human rights and freedom, pluralism and diversity

  • Being international in all areas of engagement

  • Social and societal responsibility

  • Transparency and accountability

  • Continuous learning, improving, advancing and searching for excellence.

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