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About Cyprus International University


Foundation Story and Philosophy

Cyprus International University ….a truly International experience.

CIU Philosophy Cyprus International University is a modern campus University based in the suburb of Haspolat on the outskirts of Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus. At the corner stone of three continents and rich in terms of history and culture, North Cyprus, the pearl of the Mediterranean, offers a truly international experience.

Our mission is to create a truly international experience by developing and disseminating universal knowledge, for the benefit of all society. Much of this is achieved by publishing academic research of an international standard and by specializing in innovative research relevant both locally in North Cyprus and globally.

In terms of education CIU creates a truly international experience by attracting academic and administrative staff from all over the world. There is an emphasis on quality and interactive learning in an atmosphere convivial to study.

Being a truly international community university environment you will meet students from well over 109 countries in the world, studying together where equality, diversity, freedom of expression and beliefs are cherished and valued. Our students learn to become independent and open-minded, socially responsible members of society, suitably prepared to compete on a world stage. They are exposed to the latest state of the art facilities laboratories workshops and studios and with our comprehensive library service have access to the latest world knowledge in their chosen field of study.

CIU adds value across the curriculum, encourages exchanges and works with a range of international academic institutions through partnerships and collaboration activities, providing another example of a truly international experience.

CIU History

CIU was established on 4th February 1997, after a five-year consultative period to address the Higher Educational needs of the local and international community.

In its first year 1997-1998 CIU started with 12 undergraduate programs in three faculties, offering three associate degree programs in one Vocational School in its original location in Nicosia.

In the academic year of 2001-2002, CIU relocated to the Haspolat campus, 7 km from the city centre, and opened two dormitory accommodation buildings, an information centre (which also provides the University’s IT support), a student centre, a centre for the University’s senior rectorate and the first faculty building.

Currently (2017) the university has Academic Faculties in the following disciplines:

In addition,

CIU also has three Specialist Schools and a Graduate Institute:

The School of Tourism and Hotel Management

The School of Applied Sciences offer programmes.

The vocational school (offering four programmes of two years duration)

The Institute of Graduate Studies and Research (providing co-ordination of the Masters and Postgraduate Research programmes)

  • Agricultural Sciences and Technologies Arts and Sciences Communication,

  • Economics and Administrative Sciences

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Fine Arts

  • Pharmacy

  • Law

International Relations and Agreements

Cyprus International University has established many bilateral and multilateral agreements of various kinds with around 100 foreign universities and other institutions throughout the world.

A breakdown of student numbers in

Cyprus International University

  • There are students from 81 different cities in Turkey

  • There are students from 109 countries

  • 50% of the students have scholarships

  • Residence halls have a capacity of a accommodating 3454 students on campus,

  • There are more than 40 different student clubs

  • While  CIU had 3,545 students in 2006 the number rose to almost 18,000 in 2017.

  • While there were 20 undergraduate programs in 2007 this is now 54 in 2019.

  • Over a five year period the number of students has risen by 97.47%.

  • The number of students has risen by 36,7% in a year.

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