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Greetings from YALLA APPLY

Dear Students, We congratulate you on your successful scholarship test for Girne American University

We congratulate you for your 100% ، 75% , 50% scholarship 
Please read all registration below:

- Please send all required documents (passport + high school certificate + personal photo) for the bachelor's degree and (passport + high school certificate + bachelor degree transcript + university graduation certificate + personal photo) for the master degree ,all the documents should be sent before 1.2.2019

- After obtaining the provisional acceptance letter , you are required to pay the amount specified in the provisional acceptance letter to get final acceptance letter (final acceptance letter is confirmation of registration and considering as a visa to enter the Republic of Northern Cyprus)

- Pay the fees of the site YALLA APPLY as follows:

€ 200 for students with 100% scholarship and 100€ for students with 75% scholarship 

These fees are fees for YALLA APPLY website for the services provided to the students from the test to extract the admissions and reception from the airport and follow up the student's at the university and help with housing and help in the extraction of student residence in the Republic of Northern Cyprus Turkish

Note :

- The scholarship includes only the tuition fees and must pay an annual amount of the university (1150 euro), including (registration fees + health insurance + social activities + providing transportation during the whole year) and for 75% scholarship the fees will be 2000euros for all departments ( except medicine and pharmacy) 
For department of pharmacy the fees will be 3000euros per year 


- Upon provisional acceptance letter , you have 5 days from the date of provisional acceptance letter to transfer the amount mentioned on to the bank account of the university to confirm the admission and scholarship and to obtain the final acceptance letter 
Note: (The amount of money that will be transferred to University account is part of the tuition fee will be deducted from the total amount when the student comes to the university and not an additional fee)


- No final acceptance letter will be made unless you pay YALLA APPLY fees


- YALLA APPLY site fee is transferred by the bank account of YALLA APPLY or via western union.


- When you receive the final acceptance letter (no need to obtain a visa to the Republic of Northern Cyprus final acceptance letter considering as a visa to enter to Republic of Northern Cyprus )


- You will be required to come to Cyprus from 10.2.2019 to 20.2.2019.


- Make sure to print the final acceptance letter and bring all the original copies of documents that we have requested to extract the provisional acceptance letter + 12 personal photographs you are required to show them to the police at ERCAN airport in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


- Please let us know when you will arrive in Cyprus at least one week before arrival


- The English language test will be at the beginning of registration in the university to determine the level of the student. , the language school fee will be covered in the scholarship (the scholarship includes the language school) if ILETS / TOFEL certificate is available. The student is exempted from the language test at the university
For any inquiries, please contact us via WhatsApp: +905488211252

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