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About Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University

Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University is a foundation university established by the ıf Vatan Health and Education Foundation kanun (VASEV) in Istanbul on February 19, 2009 with the Law No. 5839.

It was founded in 2009 with 10 faculties, 2 vocational schools and three institutes. In 2010-2011 academic year, the first students started education with 860 students in 7 faculties and 2 vocational schools.



Purpose, Mission and Vision

Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University, the society needs to bring scientists to the country; aiming to raise knowledgeable, contemporary, well-equipped, experienced, beneficial to the society, researcher young people, to become a higher education institution and center of excellence.


Our university considers itself as responsible for educating the educated workforce at the level of associate, bachelor, master and doctorate level in order to contribute to the researches and studies and to overcome the level of contemporary civilization in our country by considering the developments in the world. For this purpose, İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University provides education at different levels in different disciplines in collaboration with stakeholders such as state institutions, private sector and non-governmental organizations with its experienced academic staff.

Our vision is to become a research center and a research and development center that is sought after at global level, to reach the position of a university which can direct academic studies in its field and to seek cooperation in all kinds of scientific activities.


Qualified Training Staff

Since its foundation, our university has a strong staff of local and foreign education who have made a name in the field. There are a total of 553 academicians, including 87 professors, 24 associate professors, 168 assistant professors, 181 lecturers, 69 research assistants and 24 lecturers.




Education in Different Disciplines

Our University; In 2017-2018, there are 10 faculties and one in the field of health, 23 in the department, 2 in the Vocational School and 25 in the program and 3 in the graduate programs as the graduate programs and 2 doctoral programs. 

The language of education is Turkish except 3 chapters. The language of instruction is English in the bölüm English Language and Literature ili and anlık English Translation and Interpretation leri sections of the Faculty of Science and Literature and in the ile Nutrition and Dietetics İngiliz section of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Students can also read the English Preparatory Program on request.




Double Major and Minor Opportunities

Students may have the opportunity to receive a double diploma by participating in a Double Major Program in a faculty or department other than the department or the faculty of which they have taken education by fulfilling the necessary conditions. Starting from the academic year of 2017-2018, the same facility is applied for the students of Vocational School and Vocational School of Health Services. 

Our students can also receive a certificate of specialization in a second area by participating in the ya Minor bir Program, which provides specialization in another department or program by fulfilling the required conditions.




Education Abroad

In the first year of its establishment, our University has received the Erasmus Charter. Therefore, our students have the opportunity to study one or two semesters in 46 European countries in the Erasmus Program. Similarly, our academicians and administrative staff can also represent our university and our country abroad at the international level by using this program, giving lectures and exchanging information. These growing countries and universities can be seen in detail on the ERASMUS pages of our Web site. 

Our university has also signed the Momerandum of Understanding with the universities of 3 countries.




Student clubs

In the first year of our university, depending on the interests of the students, there are student clubs whose numbers are diversified. As of 2017-2018 academic year, 52 student clubs operate in different fields.




Our Campus

Our university's main campus is located in Topkapı, Istanbul, European Side. Azmi Ofluoglu Campus. An important part of education and training and management are held here. Topkapı Azmi Ofluoglu Campus 20 thousand 500 m 2 in an area, established on 7 floors, management offices, teaching rooms, classrooms, according to the needs of education in the increasing number of health, science and computer laboratories, workshops, TV, radio and photo studios, library, conference hall, dance hall, dining hall, cafes.


The "Life Sciences and Technology Laboratory" and "Forensic Science Laboratory", which are related to the fields of Medicine, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Biomedical Engineering, Nutrition and Dietetics, Pharmacy, Forensic Genetics, are related to uv Life Sciences Cev in Cevizlibağ Campus.

Our Faculty of Dentistry serves as a separate campus for, Dentistry Faculty and Hospital esi in Istanbul on the European side of Sütlüce - Halıcıoğlu for education and dental health. In this 8-storey building, a total of 3800m2 closed area, academic and administrative units, classrooms, 8 clinics with 60 dental units, laboratory, central sterilization unit, operation room, local area for emergency services and small surgical procedures, conference hall, library, cafeteria and dining hall. Faculty of Dentistry provides education and training to students

Another campus is located in Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital, Istanbul, where the Faculty of Medicine is located. In this campus, where the university is connected to Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital, 3rd, 4th, 5th grade education and training of medical education and training are carried out with intern applications.

Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital provides practical services to our students with 117 polyclinics, 12 operating rooms, 254 patient rooms and 336 total beds in 59.827 m2 area. In addition, there are books and on-line services of our students and academicians on a 180 m2 area.

The hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International in 2017.

Our newest residence is semt Şirinevler Campus leş located in İstanbul Şirinevler district. In this campus, the education programs of the New Century Continuing Education Center (YENISEM) are being made.

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